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EduCampus Services Limited was incorporated in May 2015 as a new subsidiary company of HEAnet.

The establishment of EduCampus Services represents a continued commitment to the delivery of MIS shared services to the higher education sector.  The initiative is fully supported by the Higher Education Authority and illustrates a renewed commitment to the next evolution of shared services delivery to the higher education sector as a whole.

The Mission of EduCampus Services Ltd is:

To establish top class service to support excellence in teaching & research

The Vision for EduCampus Services Ltd is:

  • To provide new, imaginative and flexible approaches to shared services in IT to the higher education sector
  • To implement, maintain and support business critical systems for the current client community including student records management, payroll, HR management, finance and library management
  • To develop quality solutions for an expanded client base
  • To deliver value for money through pursuing substantial savings and resource efficiencies

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of EduCampus Services Ltd are:

  • Mr John Boland, HEAnet Ltd
  • Mr Denis Cummins, Dundalk Institute of Technology
  • Mr Jim Fennell, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
  • Dr Maria Hinfelaar, Limerick Institute of Technology (Chairperson)
  • Ms Mary Kerr, Higher Education Authority
  • Ms Barbara McConalogue, Dublin City University
  • Dr Noel O’Connor, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Dr Joseph Ryan, Athlone Institute of Technology
  • Mr Seamus Shaw, University College Dublin

Executive Director

Mr. Paddy Naughton was appointed as Executive Director in May 2015. Business operations commenced on 1st October 2015.

Recent Developments

  • Looking to the next evolution of MIS services, EduCampus has initiated the MIS Refresh Project, to refresh and upgrade the MIS platform and key applications used by the Institutes of Technology;
  • EduCampus is pleased to announce the following recent appointments:
  • Service Delivery Team:
    • Imelda Bennis  –  Service Liaison Officer, Finance and Library Systems
    • Beth Doherty – Service Delivery Manager
    • Ruth French –  Service Liaison Officer, HR and Payroll Systems
    • David Rooney – Project Manager
    • Helena Thompson –  Service Liaison Officer, Student Systems
  • The following appointment has been made to the Solutions Development Team:
    • Martin Gibbons – Project Manager, Data & Information Systems
  • Both the Service Delivery Team and Solutions Development Team report to:
    • Fionnuala Lambert, Programme Manager
  • Anna Whiston has been appointed to the role of Admin & Communications Officer, reporting to the Executive Director.
  • EduCampus is delighted to welcome staff to their new roles.

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