HEAnet’s Data Storage service which provides flexible block storage over the network for clients. EduStorage combines state of the art storage infrastructure with HEAnet’s high-speed backbone network to deliver storage within your LAN, from either or both of HEAnet’s Data Centres.

EduStorage is ideal if you need to add or replace local storage and wish to avoid the complexity and expense of deploying a resilient SAN infrastructure.

Key features:

  • Rich feature set available
  • Take read-only or read/write snapshots
  • Make duplicate copies to an alternate data centre
  • Thin provisioned data volumes
  • Re-size volumes without re-formatting*
  • Use the filesystem technology of your choice
  • Flexible provisioning: reserve the storage you require
  • Emulates locally situated Data Storage
  • Duplicated storage of content available as option
  • Order and Use immediately
  • Based on Block disk storage – iSCSI over the network
  • Fault tolerant hardware
  • Edugate enabled, for self-service configuration
  • Located in two data centres situated in the Republic of Ireland

*requires use of a compatible filesystem (e.g. zfs)