Quick Setup

How to Register a GDS Number with HEAnet Gatekeeper ?

  1. In your videoconferencing endpoint unit, navigate to the H.323 settings menu.
  2. Enter your email address as your endpoint's H.323 Name. This gives the gatekeeper administrator some idea of who is registering and from where.
  3. Assign an E.164 number (also called H.323 extension) in the following manner: 00 353 01 + (your institutes GDS number) + (your extension number). If, for example, client's institutes GDS number is 0035301112 and extension number is 002 then H.323 extension number would be 0035301112002.
  4. Endpoint system may need to be rebooted.
  5. Once it's running again, navigate back to the H.323 setting and select the gatekeeper menu.
  6. Enter the following IP address:
  7. Again your endpoint may need to be rebooted at this stage.
  8. Should now be registered with HEAnet's Gatekeeper.

Dialing Test GDS Numbers

To ensure that everything is up and running correctly, you should dial a test GDS number.
To dial a GDS number ensure that you are dialling out through the H.323 system on your terminal (called an IP Call on some terminals). Then simply enter your GDS number and dial.
A test GDS number you can use is 0035301101006 (This is HEAnet's office GDS number). Once you have confirmed that you can dial the above GDS numbers, you can now dial any GDS number and use HEAnet's videoconferencing service.


How to Make a Point to Point Videoconference Call?

To make a point-to-point (only two locations involved ) videoconference, you only need to know the GDS number of the remote location.
Simply enter the GDS number in your destination field and dial.
Exmaple if you wish to connect to HEAnet Videoconferencing room you need to dial 0035301101006
It is also possible to make an IP videoconference call by entering in the IP address of the remote site
Example For connection to HEAnet's videoconferencing room by IP you need to dial


How Make a Point to Multipoint Videoconference Call?

All the participant needs to dial to the same room
Exmaple: if DCU, UCD, TCD and IT Carlow decide to meet in Trinity's virtual room, at the designated time all four institutions dial the number 003530110051121.


How Connect to HEAnet's Room on the MCU?

There is three ways to connect to our MCU for making multipoint calls
  • 1) Using GDS Number
If you wish to connect via GD simply dial 003530110051101 via your endpoint remote control.
  • 2) Using IP Address
If you wish to connect via IP address you need to dial
Now you have two choices:
Dial 101# in your remote control
Select HEAnet from the list
  • 3) Using ISDN
If you wish to connect to the MCU via ISDN then you need to dial 01 4490889
After approximately 6 rings the gateway will answer. You will then be asked to dial a GDS number followed by the # sign (003530110051101#).
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