Global Dialing Scheme GDS

The Global Dialing Scheme (GDS) is a new numbering plan for the global video and voice over IP network test bed, developed by ViDeNet. It resembles the international telephone system numbering plan, with some exceptions. With the GDS, we can number each participating videoconferencing endpoint, MCU conference and gateway. GDS provides easy, uniform dialing throughout the world.
Each basic number consists of four parts: < IAC><CC><OP><EN>
1. The International Access Code (IAC)
Also called the world gatekeeper prefix. This is defined as 00
2. A Country Code (CC)
This follows the ITU international access code system. For instance, the country code for the Ireland is 353.
3. An Organizational Prefix (OP)
Many national research organizations follow the telephone number system in their country and use their area code and organizational telephone exchange prefix. For instance, HEAnet’s OP is 01101.
4. An Endpoint Number (EN)
Users EN can be any number and is decided by each institutes and MUST be unique within the organization. E.g. HEAnet Main Videoconferencing Room has 006 and Broadroom has 007.
The HEAnet Videoonferencing Room: 00(IAC) 353(CC) 01101(OP) 006(EN)

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