Flash Media Live Encoder

To streaming in Flash, you need to install Adobe Media Live Encoder and configure it as follows.

The encoder has 4 main sections.

  • Preview pane - will show you what your camera sees
  • Video settings
  • Audio setting
  • Streaming server settings



  • Device: Select your camera
  • Format: VP6 or H264 (H.264 is more CPU intensive, older machines will struggle)
  • Frame Rate: 25fps
  • Input Size: Match your camera
  • Bit Rate: 500k is a good default, consider your audience when picking bit rate



  • Device: Select your audio device
  • Format: Mp3
  • Channels: Your own preference
  • Sample Rate: Your own preference.
  • Bit Rate: Your own preference



  • FMS URL: contact us for this
  • Backup URL: [blank]
  • Stream: Contact us for this
  • Save to File: select this to record your stream locally. We cannot record it for you.



Once all the settings are correctly configured, select the button. Once connected you will then be able to select the button.


To view the stream, you will need a URL which we will provide while setting up your account on the system. We will also provide embed code so you can embed the stream on any of your own webpages.

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