EduCampus Services DAC


EduCampus Services DAC | 5 Exchange Place, IFSC, Dublin D01 EK83, Ireland
T: +353 1 531 2040 | E: | W

EduCampus Services DAC was incorporated in May 2015 as a subsidiary company of HEAnet.

The establishment of EduCampus Services represents a continued commitment to the delivery of MIS shared services to the higher education sector.  The initiative is fully supported by the Higher Education Authority and illustrates a renewed commitment to the next evolution of shared services delivery to the higher education sector as a whole.

The Mission of EduCampus Services DAC is:

To establish top class service to support excellence in teaching & research

The Vision for EduCampus Services DAC is:

  • To provide new, imaginative and flexible approaches to shared services in IT to the higher education sector
  • To implement, maintain and support business critical systems for the current client community including student records management, payroll, HR management, finance and library management
  • To develop quality solutions for an expanded client base
  • To deliver value for money through pursuing substantial savings and resource efficiencies

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