Mission Statement

HEAnet’s mission is

To realise Ireland’s education and research goals

in partnership with our clients

by providing advanced infrastructure and services

HEAnet’s vision is:

  • Be a collaborative partner who is intrinsic to the business needs of our clients;
    • Continue to be the trusted provider of networking and infrastructure services;
    • Be the preferred broker of cloud and other services to our clients;
    • Be the link that facilitates clients to collaborate on innovative solutions.
  • Be recognised for fast, agile and efficient delivery of shared services;
  • Be the driver of Identity Federation across the education and research sector and into the wider public service;
  • Continue to be a key provider of cost-effective procurement for the education and research sector;
  • Be a key advisor in the development and emergence of new and disruptive technologies;
  • Be the conduit to Europe for the promotion of Irish education and research interests and the trusted gateway to world-wide infrastructural services;
  • Be recognised as an excellent place to work.