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  • Edugate Federation Goes from Strength to Strength

    Continued Edugate adoption across the Irish education and research sector has culminated with HEAnet’s membership of eduGAIN, the international confederation of national education network federations.

    HEAnet’s membership of eduGAIN enables closer on-line resource sharing between Irish higher education institutions and …

  • Legacy Resources

    RIPE policy on legacy resources (including class A, B and C addresses)

    There are changes taking place to how legacy IP resources are handled at RIPE. These matter to us because they affect our ability to connect some of our …

  • Next Generation Network

    The Next Generation Network Programme consists of three implementation projects to achieve Enhanced Network Resilience.

    1) The Optical Dublin Core Ring upgrade project has added an additional optical node at second PoP sites in DCU, TCD and UCD and was …