Microsoft drawdown


HEAnet, its member institutions and consumers of its services.

Procurement format

This HEAnet drawdown was run under the Office of Government Procurement’s framework for Microsoft licensing. This is a single-supplier drawdown with Micromail as the vendor.

What products are available under this Agreement?

This drawdown covers your Microsoft campus licensing requirements covering renewal, software and associated services.


The agreement runs until 4th of May 2019.

Workflow to guide you through the order process

  1. Identify your required software needs in conjunction with your current EdLAR.
  2. Lay out your licensing product requirements and quantities on the HEAnetMicromail spreadsheet.
  4. Complex orders should allow up to 10 working days for responses. Simpler orders should allow 3-5 working days for responses.

Other Documentation

To assist you through the myriad of Microsoft products this spreadsheet contains the list of products by long and short name MS_SKUs.xls
If you have any questions or require more information, please