Alerting, Monitoring and Notification Services Framework

Alerting, Monitoring and Notification Services


HEAnet and its member institutions.

What products are available under this Agreement?

This framework covers monitoring, alerting and notification services for campus critical services on a 24×7 basis.
There is a single lot. This is a multi-supplier agreement.

Contact suppliers within the Agreement for further information on their respective offerings.

Benefits of this Agreement

  • Available to all HEAnet member institutions
  • Streamlines procurement compliance requirements


The agreement runs until 06/05/2018.

Resellers in the Framework:

Lot1 Web Address

Workflow to guide you through the process:

Identify your requirements.

Use the email template at TemplateCAM2014.docx and cam-template.xlsx to compose a request.

Email the mini tender request to:


If you have any questions or require more information, please