File Sync and Share


HEAnet and its member institutions.

What services are available under this Agreement?

This Dynamic Purchasing System, created by our sister organisation in the UK Janet, covers the supply of file synchronisation and sharing solutions. This is a rapidly evolving market. Unlike a framework agreement a dynamic purchasing system allows suppliers to join at any time.

There are four lots covering a range of client needs:

Lot 1 Basic Sync and Share

Lot 2 EEA Hosting and Data Protection issues

Lot 3 File Encryption and Security

Lot 4 Integrated User Authentication and Identity Management

Benefits of this Agreement

  • Available to all HEAnet member institutions
  • Streamlines procurement compliance requirements
  • Aggregated pricing with UK and European institutions


The agreement will run until 04/04/2017 with an option to extend for a further year.

More Detailed Information:

Resellers in framework:

Lot 1
Lot 2
Lot 3
Lot 4
Box Microsoft Q Associates Box
Microsoft Q Associates Capito Microsoft
Q Associates Captio Q Associates
Capito Capito


Workflow to guide you through the process:

  1. Identify your requirements.
  2. Template documents are being developed, please contact me to discuss in the interim.
  3. If you have any questions or require more information, please