MacOS/IOS Compatible Hardware Framework


HEAnet and its member institutions.

What products are available under this Agreement?

This framework covers the supply of desktops, laptops and tablets that are capable of running the IOS and MacOS operating systems natively.  This also includes value added servers and support from the qualified Vendors.
Contact resellers within the Agreement for further information.
Benefits of this Agreement

  • Covers renewal, software and associated services
  • Streamlines procurement compliance requirements


The agreement runs until 27/06/2017.

More Detailed Information:

Resellers in the Framework

Reseller Telephone Web Address
CompuB 01-4608899
Galmac 091-755222
Screenway 091-766622
Stream Solutions 021-4515590
Typetec 01-5009001

Workflow to guide you through the mini tender process:

  1. Identify your requirements, hardware, software, value added services and support.
  2. Check your organisation’s procurement threshold requirements to see if a mini-tender is the appropriate method. E.g. for very small value orders a verbal or email quote from 1 or 3 suppliers may be sufficient to satisfy your procurement rules
  3. Use the email template at IOSTemplateMiniTender.docx andIOSspecification.xlsx to compose a mini tender request. Complex mini-tenders should allow 10-15 working days for responses. Simpler tenders should allow 3-5 working days for responses
  4. Email the mini tender request to: HEANET-IOSFW-MINITENDER2013@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE
  5. This will email all resellers in the framework. Evaluate responses received with reference to the evaluation criteria used. To assist in calculating the scores of Tenderers you may use IOSCostScoringTemplate.xlsx
  6. Award the contract subject to agreed terms and conditions and complete a call-off-contract. Notify the successful and unsuccessful Tenderers. A sample call off contract is located at Template-call-off-contract-IOS.docx.

Sample Weightings for mini-tenders:
For running a mini-tender against this Framework reasonable practise is to select a subset of criteria originally used in the RFT. You must clearly indicate the criteria you will use in evaluating the mini-tender.

Sample Weightings for mini-tenders:

No value added services required:

  • Ultimate Cost 80%
  • Delivery Ability 20%

Value added services required:

  • Ability to provide the required value added services (35%)
  • Ultimate Cost (65%)

You are of course free to select your own criteria and weightings. The criteria and weightings used to evaluate the original RFT were:

Description Sub-Weight Criteria Total Weight
Support: 35%
i) Please provide detailed account management structure and escalationpoints. 5%
ii) Please provide details of value added services available. 15%
iii) Must provide details on support and maintenance. 10%
iv) Must provide quarterly reports on activity levels. See sample report spreadsheet SampleReport.xlsx 5%
Cost: 65%
i) Price for sample requirement as specified in Section C. 65%
Total: 100%

If you have any questions or require more information, please