2020 IaaS+ Framework


This is an GÉANT framework available to HEAnet, its member institutes and consumers of its services.

Services Available under Framework

Thanks to a pan-European collaboration with GÉANT, the 2020 IaaS+ Framework covers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and complementary Software as Service (SaaS). The framework offers a range of attractive IaaS cloud computing solutions, tailor-made and priced, for academia. A pan-European tender was conducted for 40 countries, with GÉANT acting as the central purchasing body on behalf of the NRENs and their member institutes.

The expanded IaaS framework will help accelerate cloud service adoption and is part of the larger Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE) project. This OCRE iteration has expanded its scope to include PaaS and complementary SaaS. The framework will enable education and research organisations to find the cloud-based tools that best fit their needs by providing a direct purchasing route.

The services available through the framework include, but are not limited to, the following:

Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Compute Containers
Databases Developer Tools Internet of Things Migration & Transfer
Networking & Content Delivery Quantum Technologies Security, Identity & Compliance Serverless
Storage Virtual Machines Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Platform Providers & Re-sellers for Ireland are set out below.
Platform Re-seller 
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Ionos Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Original Infrastructure Provider (OIP)
Original Infrastructure Provider (OIP)
Original Infrastructure Provider (OIP)
Original Infrastructure Provider (OIP)
Original Infrastructure Provider (OIP)
Original Infrastructure Provider (OIP)


This framework will expire on 30 November 2024.

More Detailed Information

Webinars and Presentations On-Demand – more will be added as they are published.
AWS – Introduction to AWS on the OCRE Framework – AWS/Rackspace Webinar
Google Cloud – Getting Started with Google Cloud – Google Cloud/Sparkle Webinar
Microsoft Azure – Introduction to Azure on the OCRE Framework – presentation slides
Microsoft Azure – Building a Scalable Cloud Architecture – presentation slides
Microsoft Azure – Hybrid learning made easy with LinkedIn – presentation slides
Microsoft Azure – GitHub and the future of software – presentation slides
Microsoft Azure – SQL Migrate, Modernise & Optimise – Webinar

Use Cases
HEAnet client, QQI, use case here.
Liverpool University built a hybrid HPC cluster based on AWS infrastructure. Use case here.

The information bundles for this framework can be requested here.

For further information, please contact brokerage@heanet.ie.