LMS/VLE Framework 2019

LMS/VLE Framework 2019


Availability and agreement type

HEAnet and its member institutions and consumers of its services.

This is a multi supplier HEAnet framework.

What products are available under this Agreement?

This framework covers the supply of VLEs including support.

Benefits of this Agreement

  • Available to all HEAnet member institutions and consumers of its services.
  • Streamlines procurement compliance requirements


The agreement will run until 06/03/2022 with the right to extend by an additional year.

More Detailed Information:

This is a multi supplier framework with Blackboard Learn/Ultra, Canvas, D2L, itslearning and Moodle.

Moodle is available via three providers Catalyst, Enovation and Blackboard.

There is an information bundle available for each LMS solution type.

Our information bundles for VLEs are available at VLE Information Bundles .

If you have any questions, please contact: brokerage@heanet.ie

Providers in the Framework: