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This is a Jisc framework available to HEAnet, its member institutions and consumers of its services.

Services Available under Framework

This framework is with KHIPU for simulated phishing and associated awareness training. This is a key service that addresses the first and last layer of defence in any organisation – the users. The framework includes the following services:

  • Practical phishing simulations – including simulated phishing emails and websites
  • A ‘cyber security 101’ training session – including training modules with videos, interactive quizzes and tests
  • Branded landing pages – for your website to support user awareness
  • Detailed reporting – showing stats and graphs after each anti-phishing campaign

The framework will expire on 10 April 2021.

More Detailed Information

KHIPU Networks. 15-Minute Webinar Series: Simulated Phishing and Associated Awareness Service Overview covers the following topics:

  • Latest Phishing Cyber Attacks
  • Overview of Simulated Phishing and Associated Awareness
  • Customer case studies
  • Real-life statistics showing how the service reduces the risk of phishing attacks
  • How to procure
  • Q&A

Full details are available via Jisc here.

For more information please contact