Virtual Labs Framework

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This is a HEAnet framework available to HEAnet, its member institutions and consumers of its services.

Products Available under Framework

This is a multi-supplier framework for the provision of Computer Lab Virtualisation Solutions and Applications Virtualisation Solutions and Associated Services and Support.


The framework will expire January 2023 with the right to extend by an additional year.

More Detailed Information

This is a multi-supplier framework with Apporto, Software2 and Zinopy.

There is an information bundle available for each solution type.

You can request the information bundles here by selecting:

  • VirtLabs_All_Providers
  • LabVirt_Lot1_Apporto
  • AppsVirt_Lot5_AppsAnywhere_Software
  • LabVirt_Lot6_CitrixCloud_Zinopy

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