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This is a preferential pricing agreement available to HEAnet, its member institutes and consumers of its services.

Products Available Under Agreement

This agreement is with CELCAT for educational institutes that have a need for computerized timetabling and related products with complex and changing scheduling requirements. CELCAT offers the follow services:

  • Computer assisted and automated timetabling software and related products.
  • On-premise client server database application with a web-based and desktop client-based GUI.
  • Room booking, attendance management, various methods of electronic publication of timetables.
  • Self-service applications for personal devices such as phones and tablets.
  • Integration with other database systems such as students records systems, exam scheduling, reporting and pay claim management software.

CELCAT also offers a comprehensive training, consultancy and technical support services related to its software and timetabling.


The agreement will expire on 2 December 2021.

More Detailed Information

You can request the information bundle here by selecting CELCAT.

For more information, please contact brokerage@heanet.ie.