CELCAT timetabling

CELCAT timetabling


Agreement type

HEAnet preferential agreement eligible for use by HEAnet clients.


2nd December 2021


  • Computer assisted and automated timetabling software and related products
  • Educational institutions that have a need for computerized timetabling and related products with complex and changing scheduling requirements CELCAT Timetabler is an on-premise client server database application with a web-based and desktop client-based GUI.
  • In addition to timetabling software CELCAT offers room booking, attendance management, various methods of electronic publication of timetables, selfservice applications for personal devices such as phones and tablets, integration with other database systems such as students records systems, exam scheduling, reporting and pay claim management software.
  • CELCAT also offers a comprehensive training, consultancy and technical support services related to our software and timetabling in general.

Our information bundle is available at CELCAT Information Bundle .

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