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This is a Chest agreement available to HEAnet, universities and colleges of further education.

Products Available Under Agreement

This is a preferential pricing agreement with Flexera for the provision of software asset management and software license optimisation solutions, enabling organisations to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs and maintain continuous license compliance. The Flexera Chest Agreement offers a three-year licence for a bundle of three of Flexera’s core products:

  • FlexNet Manager for Clients
  • FlexNet Manager for Datacentres
  • Flexera SaaS Manager

Pricing is per FTE, making it an Agreement that is accessible to institutes of all sizes. 


The agreement will expire on 30 September 2023.

More Detailed Information

Further information can be found on the Chest website here. Alternatively, you can request the information bundle here by selecting Chest_Preferential_Pricing_Flexera.

If you have queries, please contact brokerage@heanet.ie.