Storage Virtualisation

Storage Middleware Framework

What does the framework offer?

More commonly known as Storage Virtualisation it allows you to manage multiple storage resources. This can include local, remote and cloud based storage. This is suitable for member organisations that have existing ‘storage islands’ in their infrastructures.
This framework has expired and will be replaced soon by an OGP framework. HEAnet has provided input to the OGP during the formation of the tender and has been part of the evaluation process.

Benefits of this Framework

  • Presentation of a unified view of disparate storage
  • Manage a variety of storage types and locations from a single management interface


The framework expired on 24/08/2015.

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More Detailed Information:

Storage Middleware or Storage Virtualisation services are appliances or gateway solutions used to manage and provision local, remote and cloud storage environments.

  1. DataArch (FalconStor)
  2. BT (EMC)
  3. OCF (IBM)
  4. Triangle (IBM)
  5. PlanNet21 (NetApp)

Running a ‘mini-tender’

In order to run a ‘mini-tender’ or ‘call-off-contract’ some process steps are involved.

Fill in the template mini-tender document available at TemplateMinitenderStorageMiddleware.docx

You may also like to use the spreadsheet template at StorageVirtTemplate.xls

Email the completed document to This will email all participants.

When the mini-tender is completed you will need to notify the Tenderers of the outcome and also use a call off contract.

A sample one may be found at Template-call-off-contract.doc

Note that while you are preparing your documentation there is no impediment to you emailing to notify all participants that you are planning to run a mini-tender in the near future.

If you have any questions or require more information, please