HEAnet extends 24×7 on-call support to Edugate services

HEAnet are pleased to advise that, with effect from 01 September 2016, 24×7 on-call support cover shall be extended to the Edugate services portfolio.
This significant service enhancement reflects Edugate’s ever-increasing adoption across the sector and the resultant mission-critical dependency that clients now place in the service.

The introduction of this service offers clients the assurance that their Edugate services are monitored 24 hours a day with breaches in service level thresholds being automatically notified to a HEAnet on-call engineer. Clients can also notify HEAnet of a material Edugate service issue by contacting the HEAnet on-call support service (currently operated by CallPageboy).

For a description of the service level extending to 24×7 on-call support cover, and the priority levels to which it pertains, please visit: http://www.heanet.ie/services/identity-access/24×7

From 01 September, 24×7 on-call support is now available across the following services:

  • Edugate Resource Registry (JAGGER)
  • Managed IdP
  • Hosted IdP
  • Standby-IdP

Note: HEAnet are not in a position to provide support on IdP services self-managed by clients or IdP services provided by another third-party.

The extension of 24-x7 on-call support cover to Edugate services reflects the critical function that Edugate fills in delivering mission-critical user authentication across your campus services and serves to underpin the continued evolution of the Edugate service into the future.

  • For further information on this latest service enhancement, please contact: noc@heanet.ie
  • To log an out-of-hours call with CallPageboy, please contact: 01-6609040
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