Mobility/Wireless Strategy

HEAnet Mobility Strategy

Report on LTE Trial

The objective of this trial was to evaluate O2’s LTE 4G network in a college environment, by testing a cross section of the student and staff cohort in Trinity College Dublin. The overall aim was to determine the capabilities of the 4th generation network in comparison to the participants’ use of the college wireless network and personal 3G network, ultimately, to record the change in experiences from both students and staff. O2 have deployed an LTE show case network to demonstrate LTE services using 10MHz of LTE800 spectrum to both business and consumer customers in the Dublin region. Coverage was provided in key locations across the greater Dublin area including Dublin City Centre, IFSC, Docklands and South Dublin.

LTE 4G Trial – 2014

Mobile Application Primer

As part of the O2 Mobile Agreement, HEAnet, in partnership with O2 and UCC, recently completed a project to build a Mobile App Prototype and Mobile App Primer (see attachment below)

This project brought together the expertise of O2 (and IQ Content) in Mobile App development and the needs of the UCC end-user community, to examine the best approach to provide a heavily adopted and well loved Mobile App. The primer sets out an end to end methodology to deliver a Mobile App service, a use case of its application (UCC prototype) and also includes further perspectives from UCD to inform client thinking and potential plans. 
We expect this “Mobile Application Primer” to be of benefit to those who wish to embark on a Mobile App project or are maybe reviewing their current strategy in this area.

To give a flavour of the kinds of topics included in the Primer, please view the project findings presentation from HEAnet’s 2012 conference:

For more information on the project please contact

Mobile Application Primer

Phase 2

In 2011, HEAnet commissioned Ericsson to assist in a review of HEAnet’s Mobility Strategy.

The approach adopted included significant input from a variety of Client sources, and also from International NREN peers. The resulting Strategy, adopted by the Board will underpin HEAnet’s work in this area over the coming years.

HEAnet 2011 Wireless Strategy

Phase 1

HEAnet’s Mobility strategy is part of a service development programme which, following consultation with our clients was signed off by the HEAnet Board and announced at HEAnet’s 2007 Conference.

As part of this strategy, Ward Solutions developed a Wireless Strategy Report (see attachments below) on possible options for a Wireless Broadband Service for HEAnet clients. This resulted in the launch of the O2 National Mobile Broadband Service for staff and students, in September 2008. In September 2014 following a competitive tendering process, the service was changed from O2 to Meteor Ireland. This service is reviewed annually and further information can be found at

HEAnet 2008 Wireless Strategy