(GN3 Plus is the 2 year follow on project for GÉANT3 which started in April 2013)

The work of the whole GN3Plus project is divided into 14 Activities within three areas of work: Research; Service Development and Delivery; Outreach and Coordination.

  • Networking Activities (NAs) support all GN3plus Activities with the full extent of both internal and external communications, promotion, international liaison and business development.
  • Service Activities (SAs) develop and supply the GÉANT services to the research and education community.
  • Joint Research Activities (JRAs) are targeted at critical analyses of future network and application technologies with a view to future deployment of emerging technologies across the network and services.

HEAnet is actively working as part of the team in several different parts of GN3 Plus project mainly in the following tasks.

  • GN3Plus NA3-T3 The Greening of Services which is concerned with the green aspects of networking promoting environmental sustainability at NRENs.
  • GN3Plus SA2-T4 TaaS Interoperability (Test Bed as a Service)
  • GN3Plus SA3-T1 Multi-Domain Network Connectivity Services Development Bandwidth on Demand Multi-domain services (further development of GN3 GEANT BoD service which will incorporate NSI Version 2 and AAI and MDVPN Multipoint VPN design.
  • GN3Plus SA7-T5 Support Mobile Data Service Exchange ideas on international roaming, handover between fixed, WiFi, xG wireless connectivity.
  • GN3Plus JRA1-T5 Future network architectures Support NaaS (continuation of the work from Mantychore involving NRENs) and future proof Management as a Service (MaaS: continuation of network virtualisation work in GN3-JRA1-T4

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