What is XIFI?

The Future Internet (FI) is an emerging, open, communications infrastructure, which supports more services and applications coupled to user needs in the physical world. The XIFI project addresses the infrastructure element by evaluating how such FI facilities can be setup to enable commercial exploitation. XIFI establishes a unique marketplace for innovative European stakeholders through the creation of a sustainable pan-European open federation of test infrastructures to enable widespread and replicable commercial launch of FI services and applications.

Initially, XIFI is setting up a core federation of test infrastructures comprised of five nodes in Europe and HEAnet are assisting with providing connectivity to the node located at TSSG which happened in early 2014. HEAnet are also interested in learning more about how SDN technologies are integrated in this environment and how access to these network technologies is provided with federated access.

Currently the XIFI infrastructure federation comprises 17 nodes where it can now cope with larger trial deployments and can serve the various needs of a broad set of FI users and experimenters. The interconnection of the infrastructures is supported by the national research networks (NRENs) and the pan-European GÉANT facility.

Further information is available from: https://www.fi-xifi.eu/home.html