• What is EduStorage?

    EduStorage is HEAnet’s shared storage service and is a block storage solution. This service is available to all clients of HEAnet.

    EduStorage is accessible via iSCSI, and can be utilised by Institutions for a broad range of functions including VM / server backups, SAN migrations, hosting student share drives and storing big data.

  • Service Profile Infographic
          What is EduStorage?

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  • Cost

    EduStorage offers cost-effective block storage for our clients.

    There is an annual charge of €275 per TB per year. Usage is calculated on a peak daily usage rate, and is charged quarterly in arrears.

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    Unlike many commercial providers, HEAnet never charges for uploading and downloading data to and from EduStorage on the HEAnet network.

    Complete Client Control

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    • New Client portal for EduStorage management includes a view of your daily / monthly / annual charges.
    • Complete control over volume management.
    • No restrictions on operating system or file system formats – storage is completely open.
    • Short-term, on-demand storage available for concentrated periods or demanding projects.
  • Client Needs

    • EduStorage allows clients to store, either long-term or temporarily, large volumes of data via block storage. This is off-campus, secure and always accessible.
    • EduStorage gives the client full control over their data, with cost-effective pricing and the full support of the HEAnet NOC.
    • Clients manage and use the flexible, raw disk space of EduStorage in line with changing needs; creating, increasing and managing volumes. Data is protected in EduStorage using RAID 6 technology.
    • Clients also have the option of replicating their data across both data centres.
    • Access is quick and easy, using the Edugate federated log-in to the EduStorage portal.
    • The block storage aspect of EduStorage means it is not married to any file system or OS and has no upper ceiling, so it grows as your needs grow.
    • These aspects make EduStorage a prime resource for Institutions engaged in the storage of data which needs to be readily accessible.


    HEAnet clients who wish to avail of EduStorage must have federated access via Edugate.

  • HEAnet’s EduStorage is an integral part of our back-up strategy. We used it as the local disk pool for a major migration.

    We’ve taken advantage of the fantastic flexibility of EduStorage.

    We planned for the use of EduStorage as the local disk pool for the Microsoft DPM solution, which gives us the added benefit of having this seemingly local storage actually hosted off-site – with all the Disaster Recovery benefits that brings.

    Martin McCarrickIT Manager, IT Tallaght
  • Contact HEAnet

    Support for EduStorage is provided through the HEAnet NOC.

    You can contact the HEAnet NOC by emailing or by calling 01-660-9040, Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:30.

    The HEAnet NOC is committed to ensuring every client receives a consistent, responsive service with an emphasis on minimising client disruption.