Cessation of HEAnet EduStorage service

From Friday, 29th September 2017 HEAnet will cease its EduStorage Service (shared block storage solution).

While there are a number of clients currently using EduStorage, the level of client uptake means that this service no longer represents value-for-money for the entire HEAnet client community. This makes it difficult to secure the future funding necessary to replace the end-of-life hardware platform underpinning the service.

We will identify a number of storage options in the marketplace and make this information available to clients in order to assist with your migration to an alternate storage service.

If you have any questions on the cessation of the EduStorage service please contact

HEAnet have looked at a number of storage options as alternative to Edustorage

EduStorage Migration Storage Options

For existing EduStorage users

You can log-in as usual until Friday, 29th September 2017 at: