VLE Hosting

  • Essential Provision for Large Institutions

    HEAnet offers robust, large-scale Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Hosting for a Moodle environment. This provisions VLEs for lecturers, students, distance learning students and any additional members of an institution.

    This level of service is essential for growing institutions that need to ensure thousands of students and staff can seamlessly access VLE (Moodle).

  • Service Profile Infographic
          What is VLE Hosting?

HEAnet’s VLE Hosting Service covers all background provisioning – including storage space and resilience.

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  • Cost

    HEAnet provisions VLE (Moodle) set-ups on a scaled, cost- recovery basis. Simply contact noc@heanet.ie for more information.


    As Ireland’s Education and Research Network Provider, HEAnet is ideally placed to deliver VLE Hosting (Moodle).

    With an increasing amount of international and distance learning students, VLEs (Moodle) are a vital tool for Irish educational institutions.

    HEAnet possesses the infrastructure and specific expertise to deliver scaled VLE Hosting (Moodle).

    VLE Media Hosting

    You can now integrate HEAnet’s Media Hosting service into your VLE with our Blackboard and Moodle plugins.

  • Constructed around Client Needs

    • Irish third-level institutions now recognise VLEs such as Moodle, as hugely valuable tools.
    • HEAnet’s provisioning of VLE (Moodle) can be seamlessly accessed by all students, providing dedicated ring-fenced server space.
    • Staff and lecturers can choose to run plug-ins such as Office 365, Sharepoint, multimedia options and many more.
    • Edugate, HEAnet’s federated access protocol, allows access to VLE (Moodle) using a single set of log-in details, for staff and students.

    Unique to HEAnet

    HEAnet can offer migration services for VLE (Moodle), smoothly moving an institution’s entire set- up to a highly resilient infrastructure.

    HEAnet hosts all data (including VLE (Moodle), and staff and student information)) in secure data centres in Ireland.

    In addition, HEAnet provides other services that strengthen accessibility and protection – including federated access for users via Edugate.

  • We’ve been able to develop a service in terms of what we want to do, and have had a positive experience in developing that with HEAnet. It’s always been collaborative.

    We wanted a (hosting) partner that could keep the underlying infrastructure secure, so that our time could be spent on developing (the Moodle VLE).

    HEAnet provide an excellent service…we rely on them to keep the virtual environment secure from hacking.

    Laura WidgereLearning Manager, Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Contact HEAnet

    Support for VLE Hosting is provided through the HEAnet NOC.

    You can contact the HEAnet NOC by emailing noc@heanet.ie or by calling 01-660-9040, Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:30.

    The HEAnet NOC is committed to ensuring every client receives a consistent, responsive service with an emphasis on minimising client disruption.