Video Conferencing

HEAnet has a third-party arrangement in place with Ajenta to provide Vscene: self-managed video conferencing scheduling; facilitating seamless connectivity in a virtual meeting space, regardless of which technologies you are using.

Vscene features include:

  • Vscene Support Desk 08:00 – 18:00 Monday – Friday
  • Unlimited number of virtual meeting rooms
  • Recording and streaming of video conferences
  • Joining video conferences via Skype for Business

Contact the Vscene Support Desk

Users can contact the Vscene support desk 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday on +353 (0)1 437 0813
or by emailing

To set up your Institution as a Vscene organisation, please contact

All other queries should be directed to the Vscene support desk, as above.


There are no additional charges to HEAnet member institutions for the use of Vscene video conferencing.

Who Can Use It?

Vscene is available to all staff, academic partners and students within HEAnet member institutions.


The Vscene service is designed to be as device inclusive as possible. VScene supports H.323/SIP based video conferencing units as well as mobile and desktop operating systems, via WebRTC.

Additional VC features facilitated by HEAnet

  • Gatekeeper:  HEAnet runs both the national gatekeeper and one of the world root gatekeepers. These allow users to register their units with the GDS (Global Dialling Scheme).
  • ISDN Gateway:  HEAnet provide an ISDN gateway to allow bridging with legacy VC equipment. This is a Dial-In only service.
  • VC Frameworks:  HEAnet offer comprehensive and up-to-date framework agreements for VC unit technical support.