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HEAnet has established a licensing arrangement with Vidyo for the provision of our HEAnet DVC service; closing the physical distance between staff, academic partners, students and locations instantly:

  • DVC is a high quality, software-based video conferencing service available on MAC, ios and Android
  • DVC can set up through a variety of platforms and equipment including desktop, mobile, and audio-visual set-ups
  • DVC has optional federated log-in via HEAnet’s authentication service Edugate.

HEAnet’s DVC service can be used for quick one-to-one video conferences, or for large-scale meetings and features:

  • A simple and intuitive “click-to-connect” user interface
  • Large scale video conferences that can host up to 78 concurrent users
  • High definition, low-latency video streams
  • In-call features and interaction options
  • The ability to easily share in-call slides, media and video, and record conferences.

Setting up a video conferencing system between different organisations can be challenging. The process can be complicated by issues such as firewalls, incompatible equipment and video lag.

HEAnet’s DVC service resolves the above issues through a common and easy-to-use video conferencing solution. This avoids the prohibitive costs of installing new “room” based systems. Crucially, the installation of Vidyo on existing equipment causes a very minimal amount of disruption to educational or research organisations.

To get set up on HEAnet’s DVC system, a client simply needs to contact our HEAnet service desk  HEAnet will dispense the Vidyo licence to the client, and also assist in setting up their “tenant” or user-interface, for that client organisation.

Once set-up, the tenancy can be administered by the client IT department, providing licenses as required to staff, academic partners and students.

Cost:  The DVC service is available to all HEAnet client institutions at no extra cost.

More Information

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