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HEAnet has a third-party arrangement in place with i-immersive to provide ClassView (previously known as Vscene), a service facilitating HEAnet clients to enable the hybrid classroom.

ClassView brings whole-class engagement and real-time interaction into hybrid learning. ClassView works with institutions to connect remote students to learning spaces in the most effective and learner-centric way possible.

Forget passive classroom scenarios where the learner has no voice and no involvement. ClassView provides consistency and continuity in the learning experience either if the student is remote or physically in the classroom.

Key benefits:

  • Enhanced learning
  • Better collaboration
  • Improved engagement
  • Immersive experience

Cost: ClassView is available to all HEAnet clients at no additional cost

More information

Setting up ClassView

To set up your Institution as a ClassView organisation, please contact our HEAnet Service Desk at

All other queries should be directed to the ClassView desk: 

Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

Tel: +44 330 053 1700



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