HEAnet Services Day

Showcasing some of HEAnet’s many services to our client organisations:

  1. Connectivity (video)
  2. NOC  (video)
  3. Hosting: Webhosting (video)
  4. Hosting: Data Centres/Co-Location (video)
  5. Hosting: EduStorage (video)
  6. Hosting: Hoststandby (video)
  7. Security (no video available)
  8. Application Services: FileSender (video)
  9. Application Services: ListServ (video)
  10. Application Services: NTP (no video available)
  11. Application Services: DNS (video)
  12. Middleware: eduroam (video)
  13. Middleware: Edugate (video)
  14. Multimedia (video)
  15. Network Developments (video)
  16. Contracts Management (no video available)