Shibboleth integration with Office 365

Duration: 10:00 – 16:00

This hands-on workshop will take participants through the steps of setting up federated access to Office 365 using Shibboleth. Participants must meet the following requirements prior to registration:

  • a laptop with an SSH client and wired ethernet port is required
  • participants should be comfortable editing text files without a GUI on unix (participants may use their own Shibboleth IdP on windows or linux provided remote access is arranged in advance)
  • an Office 365 subscription must be arranged in advance, each participant will configure their Office 365 subscription to use the Shibboleth IdP for authentication

Please Note:

  • This workshop will be rescheduled to Q3 if less than 10 participants have registered by the registration deadline (29 May 2013)
  • Places are limited to 15 participants, a max. Of 2 participants per organisation

Lunch will be provided