HEAnet’s Current & Future Connectivity Services

An interactive workshop discussing HEAnet’s current and future connectivity services.

Date:Thursday October 23rd

Time:11:00 – 16:00

Venue:HEAnet Offices, Dublin

11:00 Introductions

11:15 What connectivity services are HEAnet offering?  Brian(NetOps)

What connectivity services are there

  • IP, P2P, path resilient P2P, 1 and 10 Gbit/s, wired/wireless, etc.
  • Government Networks & Commodity Internet
  • How to request new services and how are the requests evaluated?
  • Pricing for connectivity services
  • Questions & Answers

11:45 What new connectivity options / technologies are we evaluating to offer  (NetDev)

  • Major  network changes / update plans for the future (RMAN)  (Daniel)
  • Layer 2 VPN , Layer 3 VPN
  • Research Program initiatives: GN3Plus, GN4, Virtualisation   (Dave/ Andrew)
  • OpenNaaS (vCPE)
  • MDVPN (Multi Domain VPN)
  • BoD (Bandwidth on Demand)
  • Accelerate
  • Questions & Answers

12:45 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 Intro to clients activities ?    (Chair Eoin)

3-4 Clients take 10 minutes to present campus activities, e.g.

  • Mergers, campus / infrastructure liaisons, re-alignments
  • Challenges to  Campus Network Architectures and connectivity services
  • Wireless / WAN challenges on campus
  • Upcoming Research Programs or pilots
  • Budgetary challenges,  maintenance strategies

14:20 What do the clients want in future?        (Chair Victor)

Round Table Discussion

  • New connectivity type requirements
  • What should HEAnet research to fit clients emerging needs?
  • Plans for future events – what technical level should follow-on activities be addressed

15:00 Tea/Coffee

15:15 Clients and HEAnet collaboration / working together for future    (Chair Victor)

Round table discussion

  • HEAnet ideas on Secondment, Webinar proposals
  • Client ideas
  • Follow on activities planning  next workshop plan /agenda

15:45 Wrap up discussion / action plan

Lunch will be provided.