HEAnet Newsletter Issue 3 July 2019

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Issue 3                                                                                                July 2019

HEAnet is proud to congratulate one of our own - Anna Wilson

HEAnet is very proud to congratulate Anna Wilson, one of our project managers, who is the worthy recipient of this year's GÉANT Community Award - recognising how one individual's dedication to work can transform a community.

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Attention all Researchers!

Between now and the end of the year OCRE will distribute €500,000 worth of cloud vouchers to individual researchers across Europe.  

The OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) project has  €9.5 million in adoption funding..  All the details, including how to apply are on OCREs website

Networks of future past

25 years ago this month, HEAnet connected to Europe via a single 64Kbit/s circuit - today we connect to GÉANT via two 30Gbit/s circuits. 

Assuming similar increases over the next 25 years we could be talking about 90,000Gbit/s (i.e. 90Tbit/s (90 Terabit/s)) in 2044:

1  EuropaNET via Ebone                 

GÉANT is the pan-European research and education network that interconnects all of Europe's National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), including HEAnet.

Today, approximately 10% of HEAnet's outbound and 18% of HEAnet's inbound traffic transits our GÉANT links.  
Without these circuits, projects such as the I-Lofar telescope in Birr would not be possible. The I-Lofar telescope in Birr sends 3Gbit/s of traffic constantly over this network to the Astron data centre in the Netherlands where it is processed with similar data streams from other telescopes around Europe. 
HEAnet's other external connections are:  

  • two resilient 100Gbit/s circuits to the INEX (Irish Neutral Exchange) where HEAnet peers with over 100 local Internet and Cloud providers  
  • 20Gbit/s circuits to Century Link, 20Gbit/s to GTT, 10Gbit/s to Microsoft, and  
  • a 1Gbit/s peering with INEX members in Cork 

Don't miss our next Newsletter (Issue 4 Aug 2019) which will feature a follow-up article about the next 15 years...

Events for your Diary!

16 Oct           Microsoft Event 

This Microsoft event will be of interest to brokerage/procurement staff within our client member institutions.  Agenda details to follow - so, for now, consider this a place-holder.

13 - 15 Nov   HEAnet National Conference 2019

We hope you will join us at our HEAnet National Conference 2019 in The Galmont, Galway in November.

If you require information on any aspect of the annual conference please email:conference@heanet.ie or visit the website (at the above link).
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