FileSender is a web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users. Authentication of users is provided through SimpleSAMLphp, supporting SAML2, LDAP and RADIUS and more. Users without an account can be sent an upload voucher by an authenticated user. FileSender is developed to the requirements of the higher education and research community.

The purpose of the software is to send a large file to someone, have that file available for download for a certain number of downloads and/or a certain amount of time, and after that automatically delete the file. The software is not intended as a permanent file publishing platform.

More information about the software can be found at:

Logging In

To log into FileSender you need to be part of Edugate – HEAnet’s Access Federation.

For more information on how to join Edugate please visit:


FileSender is released under the BSD license. It is open-source software and available for free.
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  • Share arbitrarily large files from standard desktop environments, no client-side deployment required
  • Native HTML5 and JavaScript UI with supported browsers. No plugins required.
  • High-speed upload module with HTML5 uploads
  • Graceful fallback to invisible Flash component for non-HTML5 browsers, allowing uploads up to 2GB
  • Upload guest vouchers to allow users without an account to upload a file
  • Cancel / resume file uploads using the HTML5 File API in supported browsers
  • Automatic deletion of shared files and issued vouchers after X amount of time, or manual deletion by authenticated user any time prior to expiry
  • Email notification each time a file is uploaded, downloaded or manually deleted, or a voucher is issued or manually deleted