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Helping HEAnet clients defend against DDoS and other malicious attacks 

Gatekeeper is a powerful system which via a web portal allows HEAnet clients to quickly create and disseminate temporary filters based on traffic flows to their designated address space. This system allows you to filter and block malicious traffic flows before they reach your institution’s network. 

Gatekeeper’s key features are: 

  • Precision – specific malicious flows can be targeted 
  • Speed – time to disseminate/withdraw rules is sub-20 seconds 
  • Convenience – clients can use the web portal themselves or make a request by phone or e-mail 
  • Simplicity – the web portal is intuitive and simple to use 

Gatekeeper is powered by standards-based Flowspec technology and uses BGP to distribute the rules throughout the HEAnet network

Cost:  Gatekeeper is available to all HEAnet clients at no additional cost. 

Clients who do not wish to manage their own rules can continue to contact our Service Desk for support with blocking traffic or in case of an emergency.  

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the infrastructure providing you with this access, please visit The Network.

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Start using Gatekeeper IP Blocking Service

If you are interested in availing of this service, please email to discuss the suitability of this service for your organisation.

Click below to view HEAnet’s Client Data Protection Addendum.

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