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HEAnet provides a range of ICT Security services to advise and assist client IT departments on the best and most up to date IT Security Services. 

Our dedicated ICT security Services Team work with our clients IT Department to achieve the delivery of these services  which are common, repeatable and sharable:

The objective of the ICT Security and Risk  assessment is to provide an overall view on an annual basis of the institution’s security and risk posture across a range of IT domains and identify areas for improvement.Each review includes a report that documents the observations noted along with recommendations.

ICT Security and Risk Assessment of ICT Environment Service Definition

ICT Security Policies play a critical and strategic role in ensuring an institution’s information is managed appropriately and securely. It is important that policies are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure they are in line with business requirements and industry best practices.

Our HEAnet Security team can deliver an in-depth analysis of a selection of the institutions current policies along with assisting on the creation new policies.

ICT Policy Review and Development Service Definition

Security best practices recommend frequent Security and Perimeter Assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities that may be exploited.

This service includes the following scans

  1. An overall security and perimeter scan
  2. Three application level assessments. Clients can choose from the following options
    • Infrastructure
    • Web Applications
    • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Cloud Application
  3. One Penetration test per annum
Provision of Security and Perimeter Assessment Service Definition

HEAnet delivers on-site Security Awareness Training, covering key security trends including, but not limited to:

  • personal responsibilities
  • phishing
  • physical security

The training is aimed at Faculty staff and tailored to the needs of the Irish Education and Research sector.

Security Awareness Service Definition

The objective of this service is for HEAnet to take a leadership role in advising clients on their security and risk challenges – providing access to security and risk competencies in key areas.

HEAnet has a broad range of ICT security and risk skills which it continues to develop and share with clients through a variety of channels, e.g. forums and workshops.

Access to Security Competence Service Definition

For more information on any of the above please contact our Security team ICTsecurityservices@heanet.ie or our Service Desk noc@heanet.ie Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:30

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