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HEAnet provides a range of ICT Security services. The objective is to provide a standardised set of core security services which are common to all clients. These will be provided using a dedicated HEAnet team to augment an institution’s IT Department resources, whilst using a suite of services which are common, sharable, and repeatable across HEAnet clients.

As part of your HEAnet membership, you have access to the expertise of the core services of our ICT security services team at no additional cost if you are an eligible organisation.

The ICT Security Services are thrilled to announce that ICT Security Services at HEAnet have successfully achieved the prestigious ISO 27001 certification against ISO27001:2022 Information Security Management System. 

This significant milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to information security. ISO 27001 ensures that our Information Security Management System (ISMS) adheres to international standards, safeguarding our valuable data and ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

Core Services

The Security and Risk Assessment of the IT Environment is a high-level assessment of an institution’s ICT environment. The objective is to provide an overall view on an annual basis of the institution’s security and risk posture across a range of security domains and identify areas for improvement.

ICT Security Policies play a critical and strategic role in ensuring an institution’s information is managed appropriately and securely. It is important that policies are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure they are in line with business requirements and industry best practises.

Security best practices recommend frequent Vulnerability Assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities that may be exploited.

Penetration tests play a critical role within every organisation, as many of the vulnerabilities and threats identified through manual testing are normally missed by common vulnerability scanners.

One of main sources of ICT security exposure may be the users within an institution. Users may expose the institution to risks by their behaviour whether maliciously or through bad practices or lack of understanding. Educating users is an important part of an organisation’s approach to minimising and mitigating risk so that users understand potential threats that the business could be exposed to e.g.

  • Password Management
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • How to stay safe online

HEAnet will provide a general security awareness training programme delivering online or face to face training. The security awareness training is aimed at Faculty staff and tailored to the needs of the Irish Education and Research sector.

Phishing simulations are a very important part of the security awareness training, as they allow institutions to assess how their staff handle phishing attacks by sending realistic phishing emails to the staff. The resulting statistics can then be used by the institution to establish a baseline security level, as well as to identify areas of improvement in terms of security awareness.

The objective of this component of the ICT Security services is for HEAnet to take a leadership role to advise and assist clients on their security and risk challenges by providing access to security and risk competencies in key areas. HEAnet has a broad range of ICT security skills which it will continue to develop and share with clients through a variety of channels.

Why HEAnet ICT Security Services?

ICT Security Services will be able to provide a security and risk assessment of the IS environment (2024). Our team will provide a comprehensive review on a selection of your institution’s existing policies.

Our ICT Security Services team provides guidance and support to institutions to help them identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities, and to develop effective strategies to mitigate these risks. Our Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments will help identify weak spots in your network and security systems.

Get access to expert advice and avail of client resources including on-site or online training, online collaboration, round table discussions and ‘Meet the Subject Matter Events.’

How do these services assist in protecting your organisation?

HEAnet’s ICT security services team is committed to working closely with educational institutions to help them develop and maintain effective ICT security practices.

By partnering with HEAnet, institutions can be confident that they are taking the necessary steps to further protect their data, systems, and networks from cyber threats.

What services are included?

Core Services

Security & Risk Assessment
Policy Review and Development
Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing
Security and Awareness Training (Including Phishing Simulation)
Access to Security Competence

Start using ICT Security Services

If you are interested in availing of these services, please email ICTsecurityservices@heanet.ie to help design / discuss the suitability of these services for your institution/organisation.

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