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eduroam stands for education roaming.

It provides secure and easy to use Wi-Fi access in thousands of locations in more than a hundred countries around the globe.

Once you’ve connected for the first time you never need to enter your details again, eduroam will automatically connect you whenever you’re in range of an eduroam hotspot. The best thing is the hotspot you’re using never sees your details.

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Where can I eduroam?

There are over 160 hotspots across Ireland, located in Universities, Institutes of Technology, other third-level educational and research organisations, Libraries, Coffee Shops, GAA, Town Centres, Healthcare, Transport and many more. You can see the full list of eduroam participants in Ireland here.

eduroam Everywhere

If you are looking to learn more about the eduroam Everywhere project or to become an eduroam Wi-Fi Service Provider, visit eduroam Everywhere page.

The technical stuff – How it works?

eduroam relies on existing Wifi infrastructure at each participating site.

Users can avail of eduroam CAT – a Configuration Assistant Tool allowing participating sites to distribute eduroam profiles to their users. eduroam CAT is a straightforward visual front end for wireless admin tools. This means users will be easily able to access eduroam for any of their devices, removing the need for manual configuration.

CAT set-up

You only need to set up each device once.

  1. If the mobile device is running Android, first install the eduroam CAT app from Play Store – Please note:
    • If the Android device can’t use Play Store, then an alternative is to download the same app from GitHub instead.
    • Do not uninstall the eduroam CAT app later, as this may break the ability of the device to use eduroam WiFi.
  2. Open a web browser on the mobile device (Note: If using an Apple device, the user must use the Safari web browser for this)
  3. Browse to
  4. Click on “download your eduroam installer” and follow the instructions. Enter the appropriate eduroam username and password when prompted.
  5. If the user encounters problems, they should contact the IT support staff of their home organisation.

Now you can use the internet while you roam safely, quickly and securely.

Related eduroam services

  • eduroam National Gateways
    The eduroam national gateways are a critical component of eduroam in Ireland. They are the means by which eduroam participants in Ireland are hooked into the global eduroam service.
  • Managed Radius Service
    The Managed Radius Service is the service under which HEAnet build and maintain the Radius servers that a site must have in place in order to participate in the eduroam service.
  • eduroam Managed IdP a GÉANT based service for small clients (<200 people) allowing them to implement Identity Management (for eduroam) in their organisation without needing the skills or infrastructure inhouse.

Additional information on these related eduroam services is available from our Service Desk