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Frequently Used Frameworks/Agreements

Apple Drawdown Apple hardware
Desktop/Laptop Drawdown Dell hardware
2020 IaaS+ Framework Cloud solutions
Microsoft Campus Licensing Agreement Software licensing
Server Drawdown Dell hardware

HEAnet Brokerage services assists clients in streamlining their procurement processes – saving them time, money and effort by:

  • running tender processes resulting in framework agreements which our clients can use.
  • running mini-tender competitions under the OGP (Office of Government Procurement) frameworks on behalf of our clients.
  • providing simple support templates to help clients through every step of the procurement process, saving them significant effort.
  • providing advice and guidelines to clients who wish to avail of any of the agreements within our portfolio.
  • collaborating with global partners such as GÉANT to give our clients access to brokered agreements throughout Europe.

HEAnet brokers quality deals and enhanced support with global IT suppliers by aggregating procurement on behalf of the education & research sector.  

Agreements brokered by HEAnet apply the same pricing across all clients, regardless of institution size, volume of products or level of service required.

The Power of Aggregation

By aggregating demand, HEAnet ensure the best value for money is available for our clients.  Where possible, agreements brokered by us apply the same saving across all clients – whether large or small, and regardless of the volume of products or level of service required.

Office of Government Procurement (OGP)

Brokerage Services provide guidance and collate client requirements for input into Office of Public Procurement (OGP) tender processes.  For more details on how HEAnet work with the OGP, simply email us