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FileSender allows you to bypass email limitations when sharing large files with anyone, simply and securely:

  • Login to FileSender (
  • Add the email address(es) of those you want to share large files with and attach the file(s) – the recipients get a link to download the file(s)
  • Files can be downloaded as often as you like for a period of 30 days
  • FileSender will accept files up to 500GB (that about 730 full length movies)

FileSender offers end to end encryption – allowing users to send sensitive data – secure in the knowledge that no one, including HEAnet, can access the content without a password set by you.

FileSender is a federated service which means to use it, your institution MUST be a member of our Edugate Federation.

However, FileSender does offer a once-off voucher system which allows users to nominate non Edugate members to send files.  This ensures a user can both send and receive files through FileSender, even if dealing with an external non-federated partner.

Cost: FileSender is available to all HEAnet clients at no additional cost.

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