• What is FileSender?

    FileSender is a way to share large files with anyone. It works through your web browser to send a file to any email address. FileSender can send files up to 500 GB. This considerable sending power allows users to transfer large files with ease.

    Files sent by FileSender are available for download for up to 30 days after sending. Files can be downloaded an unlimited amount of times over this period.

  • Service Profile SLA

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  • Who Can Use It?

    To use FileSender you need to be part of Edugate – HEAnet’s Access Federation. For more information on how to join EduGate please visit: Edugate. HEAnet clients who are set up on Edugate can offer FileSender to all, or a section of, its members.

    Share Access to Service

    Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 15.37.28FileSender incorporates a voucher system which users can use to nominate those outside the Edugate system, allowing non-federated users to send files
    with FileSender. This ensures a user can both send and receive files through the service, even if dealing with an external, non- federated partner.

    Examples of Use

    FileSender can be used to transfer both large and small files rapidly. Below are some examples of files which exceed email attachment limitations, but which FileSender can be used to transfer.

    • High resolution images
    • Large data sets, in the 100s of gigabytes.
    • Extensive database files
    • HD video files

    End-to-End Encryption

    FileSender has an optional security feature that allows end-to-end encryption. The encryption is done in your browser so FileSender never has visibility of your unencrypted files, allowing you to transfer sensitive data securely.

  • Client Needs

    Educational and research staff in institutions around the country and abroad often need to share substantial information and large files with each other. This can vary from extensive documentation, to multimedia files, to big data sets, and more.

    Domestic email servers tend to be restrictive in what they allow users to send. 25 MB is the threshold that email services such as Gmail currently provide. This can be restrictive for educational and research users who may need to rapidly and easily send large files over the internet. These files may need to be shared with people within, or completely outside the client institution. FileSender resolves the above issues through a simple, collaboratively-created service.

    As an independent, web-hosted application, FileSender can be utilised by educational and research institutions without any potential disruption to an institution’s existing IT structure.

    It acts as an effective alternative to a client organisation engaging a commercial file sending service, which may have more restrictive file size limits. It can also negate the need for an FTP server, avoiding the associated user access and firewall issues.


    There is no charge to HEAnet clients for the use of FileSender.

  • FileSender is almost our default option for sending large files. It’s a very reliable service.

    It’s used for sending virtually everything
    above our email attachment, across the institution – including videos, Photoshop files, PowerPoint files and all large images.

    John QuinlanDesign & Media Manager, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Contact HEAnet

    Support for FileSender is provided through the HEAnet NOC.

    You can contact the HEAnet NOC by emailing or by calling 01-660-9040, Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:30.

    The HEAnet NOC is committed to ensuring every client receives a consistent, responsive service with an emphasis on minimising client disruption.