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The Freedom of Information Act 2014 (FOI Act) establishes a number of rights for members of the public including:

  • Access to records held by bodies subject to the FOI Act;
  • Have personal information corrected or updated where it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading;
  • Be provided with reasons for decisions taken by FOI bodies that affect them.

The FOI Act requires relevant bodies to respond to requests for information. In most cases, these bodies provide a decision on a request within four weeks of receipt. FOI bodies are also required to publish information in line with the model publication scheme.

It should be noted that in many cases, it may not be necessary to make a request for information under the FOI Act. HEAnet makes a considerable amount of information available to the public through our website, publications and in response to enquiries by phone or email.

A copy of the FOI Act is available to download FOI Act, 2014 and the FOI Central Policy Unit provides additional information that you may find helpful FOI CPU.

For FOI queries as they relate to HEAnet CLG, please email or write to us at:

Freedom of Information Officer

3rd Floor,
North Dock 2,
93/94 North Wall Quay,
Dublin 1,
D01 V8Y6,

Should you wish to make a request under the FOI Act, please send your request by letter to HEAnet CLG, Freedom of Information Office, HEAnet, 5 Exchange Place, IFSC, Dublin D01 EK83, Ireland; or submit your request as an email to If you require assistance to make the request, please contact us at 01 660 90 40.

Your FOI request should include the following:

  • A statement to the effect that the request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act;
  • As much detail as possible in order to identify the requested records;
  • An indication of the format you would prefer to receive any records released (e.g. hard copy photocopies, email attachments, etc.);
  • Contact information;
  • Proof of identity where an FOI request concerns personal information.

​We will acknowledge receipt of your request within 10 working days (excluding public holidays) and outline the next stages of the process. A decision on your request will usually be issued within 20 working days of receipt unless an extension is required, in which case we will contact you to explain the need for the extension.

There is no charge to make a request under the FOI Act. Charges may apply for the time spent in locating records and for any photocopying costs that we incur incurred in providing you with the records. Section 27 of the FOI Act provides for fees as follows:


Fee List


€30.00 internal review fee – non personal requests
€10.00 internal review fee (medical card holders)
€50.00 appeal to the Information Commissioner
€10.00 appeal to the Information Commissioner (medical card holders)
€20 per hour for search and retrieval
€0.04 per sheet for a photocopy


The following requests/applications are exempt from a fee:


  • a request under Section 12 for a record or records containing only personal information related to the requester;
  • an application under Section 9 (right of amendment of records relating to personal information);
  • an application under Section 10 (right of person to information regarding acts of public bodies affecting the person).

A decision on your FOI request may be appealed by seeking an internal review within four weeks of the date of the decision. Please make this appeal in writing to HEAnet CLG. A fee of €30 (€10 for medical card holders) may apply.

Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of that appeal, you may appeal that decision within six months by writing to the Information Commissioner, who will investigate and issue a new decision.

Please direct such an appeal to:

The Information Commissioner
18 Lower Leeson Street
Dublin 2
DO2 HE97

Phone: +353 1 639 56 89
Locall: 1850 22 30 30
Fax: +353 1 639 56 74

A fee of €50 (€15 for medical card holders) may apply for such an application.

The FOI Act requires FOI bodies to provide for information availability on a routine basis outside of FOI, having regard to the principles of openness, transparency, and accountability. Please find the HEAnet Publication Scheme below, where each link directs you to related information.

Our Network
Our Services
News / Publications
Relationships (partners, affiliations etc..)
Our Governance, Structure and Mission

The FOI Act also requires FOI bodies to publish a disclosure log containing the details of the types of requests received under FOI since January 2015 and the decisions in relation to those requests. The HEAnet disclosure log is as follows:

Disclosure Log