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To ensure that we continuously deliver shared services that align to the needs of our clients, we have a number of services “in the pipeline”.

Services in the pipeline encompass in-house developments, existing service enhancements and services from the international NREN (national research & education network) community made available to our clients through GÉANT services as part of our collaborative membership: HEAnet & GÉANT

  1. Recently launched services
  2. Services in pre-production
  3. Services being evaluated

Recently launched services

  • AWS Direct Connect a service which allows HEAnet customers to connect directly to AWS (Amazon Web Services), establishing direct private network connections to VPCs (virtual private clouds) within AWS.
  • Client Netflow Portal a web-based service to allow clients to monitor network traffic flows on their connections to HEAnet.
  • Managed eduroam IdP a GÉANT based service for small clients (<300 people), allowing them to implement Identity Management for eduroam in their organisation without needing the skills or infrastructure in-house.

Services in Pre-Production

  • Firewall on Demand a service which allows clients to block IP ranges accessing their network ranges.
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) & Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) Security Service services which allow clients to monitor security events in their environments, detect security threats and alerts as well as receive advisory support for threat remediation.

Services Being Evaluated

  • eduroam Visitor Access a service to provide short-term eduroam access for visitors at our clients’ campuses.
  • eduVPN Secure Browsing a GÉANT service to provide secure VPN connectivity (for staff/students in public Wi-Fi locations for secure browsing).

More Information

If you have any questions about our Services Pipeline or the New Service Proposal Form, please contact our Service Desk