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To ensure that we continuously deliver services that correspond to the needs of our clients, we always have a number of services “in the pipeline”.

Services in the pipeline encompass in-house developments, existing service enhancements and services from the international NREN (national research & education network) community made available to our clients through GÉANT services as part of our collaborative membership: (HEAnet & GÉANT)

  1. Recently launched services
  2. Services in pre-production
  3. Services being evaluated

Recently launched services

  • AWS Direct Connect a service which allows HEAnet customers to connect directly to AWS (Amazon Web Services), establishing direct private network connections to VPCs (virtual private clouds) within AWS.
  • Azure ExpressRoute a HEAnet Service to provide Microsoft ExpressRoute connectivity in Dublin and Amsterdam.
  • Client Netflow Portal a web based service to allow clients to monitor network traffic flows on their connections to HEAnet.
  • Managed eduroam IdP a GÉANT based service for small clients (<300 people) allowing them to implement Identity Management (for eduroam) in their organisation without needing the skills or infrastructure inhouse.
  • Layer 3 VPN a new advanced network service as for clients with complex multisite networks providing more efficient and scalable solution.

Services in Pre-Production

  • Firewall on Demand allows clients to block IP ranges accessing their network ranges.

Services Being Evaluated

  • eduroam Visitor Access (EVA) a service to provide short term eduroam access for campus
  • eduVPN Secure Browsing a GÉANT service to provide secure VPN connectivity (for staff/students in public wifi locations for secure browsing)

More Information

If you have any questions about our Services Pipeline or the New Service Proposal Form, please contact our Service Desk