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HEAnet has created a new suite of cyber security services for HEAnet clients. The services deliver enhanced cyber security tools and resources to qualifying institutions and organisations.  Following an open tender process, HEAnet has partnered with Fox-IT as the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to rollout Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)/Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to HEAnet clients.

As part of your HEAnet membership, you have access to the expertise of the core services of our security operations centre at no additional cost if you’re an eligible organisation.

Core Services

Security monitoring for triage and analysis of alerts, notifications and follow-up advisement on containment and remediation steps

Management and maintenance of the shared services SIEM Platform (Splunk)

Detect threats by analysing log data from network infrastructure, systems, authentication logs, applications and other threat detection platforms

Guidance and support of the activities needed to contain and remediate any detected threats for a period of up to 2 hours following the notification of a security incident

Central Portal for tracking security alerts and incident management

The detection of network intrusion or insider threats using deception technology to provide notification from the SOC when assets within the Client’s IT infrastructure are being interrogated for no valid business reason

Planned threat hunts conducted at a sectorial group level

Periodic review of service performance and continual service improvement

Why HEAnet SOC & SIEM Services?

HEAnet, through our partnership with Fox-IT, combine three lines of defence: threat intelligence, 24/7 monitoring, and incident response to ensure HEAnet clients stay proactive in hunting, detecting, and responding to advanced threats.

Receive up to the minute insight to the latest threat tactics, techniques, and procedures as they are uncovered.

The dedicated resources from HEAnet may allow our clients more time to respond and contain potential security incidents.

How these services may assist in protecting your organisation?

SOC & SIEM Services may significantly bolster cyber security of HEAnet clients by providing rapid detection and alerting of security threats.

The services may allow IT security teams more time to provide a quick response to contain the security incident prior to a breach or to otherwise reduce its impact.

What services are included?

The following is a selection of services that are included and additional services that can be availed of on a chargeable basis.

Core Services
  • SOC & SIEM Services Operated on a 24x7 Basis
  • Incident Detection​
  • Incident Response Advisory
  • SIEM Platform Management
  • Log Collection​
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence​
  • Community-Shared Information
  • Reporting​ & Trend Analysis

Get in touch with HEAnet to start using SOC & SIEM Services

To learn more about the SOC & SIEM Services or to find out if you are eligible to receive the centrally funded components, please get in touch with

If you are interested in availing of these services, please complete an “Expression of Interest” form to help define the suitability of these services for your institution/organisation and email it to

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