Client Internet Access

Access to the general Internet is a basic requirement for education and research in Ireland and it is a core part of the services HEAnet provides. There are no traffic filters in the core of the network and any such filtering or restrictions to any sites are left to the individual client.

HEAnet has excellent connectivity to both academic and commercial sites through a variety of transit providers.

The HEAnet network (for unicast and multicast routing) has been dual-stacked (providing both IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity) since 2003 and is well equipped to deal with the expanding and evolving needs of today’s users.

If you are interested in learning more about the infrastructure providing you with this access, please visit The Network

Getting Connected

HEAnet support a range of technologies for connecting to the HEAnet backbone. Client connectivity options are from 100Mbps to 10Gbps Ethernet with capacities adjustable to client needs. As part of the connection to HEAnet, we provide a managed IP router in your premises to ensure the uniform distribution of all our services to the campus.

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HEAnet offers resilience (path, power, PoP & equipment) to clients on both IP and Point-to-Point services. We are happy to work with clients to build these resilient connectivity solutions to provide very high levels of service availability. HEAnet staff will work with you to help plan and build these resilient services and advise on configuring local LAN equipment to take best advantage.