HEAnet in association with and offer an Anti-Spam service to its clients at no additional cost.



HEAnet-CERT operates by agreement with JANET CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team). HEAnet utilise the services of JANET CSIRT to provide a single, trusted point of contact for our clients to deal with computer security incidents and their prevention. The aims of the service are to reduce the probability of successful attack, to reduce the direct costs of security to organisations and lower the risk of consequential damage.


HEAnet TCS (TERENA Certificate Service)

HEAnet is witnessing a need for server certificates in our own organisation and within the education and research community, mainly due to an increased awareness of the need for encrypted channels and the roll-out of authentication and authorisation middleware.

HEAnet TCS is providing no-cost server certificates vaid for three years to our clients. The server certificates can be used for institution services, including web(HTTPS), email(IMAPS), server authentication and any number of SSL or TLS based services that require trusted certificates.

Further information is available on the website or by emailing

Security Auditing

Vunerability assesment and security review of our clients systems and resources.



Security Scanning

The HEAnet Security Scanning service is a vulnerability and risk assessment service that allows HEAnet clients to scan their own IP networks for security holes which, if not fixed, could become serious threats to their organisation’s network security. The service allows those tasked with Network Management to probe their network’s Internet-facing devices to identify those that may be vulnerable to attack from the Internet.