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This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is established in collaboration with SURF, the Dutch National Research and Education Network (NREN), and is available to HEAnet, its member institutes and consumers of its services.

Products Available Under the DPS

The DPS encompasses three categories:

  • Online whiteboarding tools –  Software solutions enabling teams (of students and/or educators) to share ideas and collaborate remotely in real-time, in a manner akin to using a physical whiteboard.
  • Project, task & work (place) management tools – Software used to coordinate plans, projects, and processes, across your entire organization. A digital tool that allows you to plan, track, organize, and review both projects and non-project tasks to support your work and team performance.
  • Online polling & survey tools  – Easy-to-use polling software for classroom / presentation questions and survey software for more in depth research including customer satisfaction, employee feedback, market research and other online questionnaires.
More Detailed Information

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