HEAnet Group achieves accreditation under Ibec’s ‘KeepWell Mark’

The HEAnet Group (HEAnet and its subsidiary company EduCampus) has been awarded Ibec’s KeepWell Mark in recognition of its commitment to the continued welfare and wellbeing of its 87 staff across both companies.

Pictured above: Ibec’s Karen Hilliard, presenting KeepWell Mark accreditation to HEAnet Group staff representatives, Katie Harris and Brian McArdle.

Part of HEAnet’s strategic vision for 2016 – 2018 is to be recognised as an ‘Excellent Place to Work’.  This is a strategic goal of four little words with big ambitions, which is well on the way to being achieved following our accreditation under Ibec’s KeepWell Mark in July this year.

The KeepWell Mark is Ibec’s national workplace wellbeing accreditation and demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to improving the lives of those who work there.  Accreditation is achieved through benchmarking against recognised standards over eight separate wellbeing pillars, on-site review and an external assessor audit.

“Achieving the KeepWell Mark highlights our commitment to employee welfare across the HEAnet Group and will support us in driving our wellbeing strategy into the future”, said HEAnet’s CEO, Kerrie Power.  “The accreditation will also help cement our position as an employer of choice in technology companies servicing Ireland’s Education & Research sector.”

Key to being recognised as an excellent place to work was building on the HEAnet Group’s existing wellbeing proposition for its workforce across the two companies.  This involved adopting a holistic approach to the design and delivery of the Groups wellbeing plan.  Since early 2016, numerous activities and on-going initiatives have been launched, with the primary aim of reinforcing and developing employee health and wellbeing and encouraging good citizenship.  These include staff-led workshops, charity events, peer recognition awards, the introduction of more flexible working policies to support major life changes and greater work-life balance, wellbeing weeks and workshops and classes covering the full range of the health and wellbeing spectrum.

Karen Hilliard,Ibec’s KeepWell Mark Manager said, “I’m delighted to congratulate HEAnet who have recently been awarded The KeepWell Mark.  HEAnet have positioned their wellness programs as a strategic business objective and taken progressive and active measures to impact the health and wellbeing of their employees. Achieving the KeepWell Mark shows HEAnet are forward thinking in cascading wellbeing practices throughout the organisation and they have demonstrated this commitment. This accreditation endorses HEAnet as an employer of choice and we congratulate all at the organisation for their efforts in achieving the Mark”.

Claire Ferrie, HEAnet’s People Operations Director added, “The benchmarking process has been a truly valuable exercise and will provide a roadmap for the Group as we work towards maturing our wellbeing proposition even further over the coming months and years.  We look forward to continuing to evolve and develop in this area and to raising the standards of health, safety and wellbeing across all aspects of the business. 

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