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Press Kit Guideline Agreement

Before using the Press Kit, please read our usage guidelines.

Guidelines for usage of HEAnet logo

The logos must be used as provided with no changes to the files. This would include maintaining the design, colours and proportions. The logo should not be altered for multimedia use such as animation or morphing. The logo may only be used in conjunction with a published or broadcast news story that directly pertains to HEAnet. Please contact HEAnet if you have any questions regarding logo usage.

Guidelines for Photo Usage

Photos from this site can only be used if the following guidelines are observed: The following credit must appear on the same page as the photo: “(c) HEAnet. All rights reserved.” Photos cannot be duplicated and distributed without written consent from HEAnet.

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HEAnet Logo

HEAnet Logo 2011 (blue_text-trans_back) SmallBlue Text on Transparent

HEAnet Logo 2011 (blue_text-white_back) Small

Blue Text on White

HEAnet Logo 2011 (white_text-trans_back) SmallWhite Text on Transparent

HEAnet Logo 2011 (white_text-blue_back) SmallWhite Text on Blue