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Here at HEAnet we offer an excellent Data Centre Hosting Service which enables clients to reduce their operational costs by hosting equipment in fully managed data centres in Dublin: Citywest & Parkwest and in Waterford (Waterford DC is currently at full capacity).

  • Clients can take space in multiple data centres
  • LAN extensions are available between hosted equipment and client campuses
  • Connectivity including resilient ethernet links with 1Gbps is included as standard
  • Standard hosting contract is 3 years (we can facilitate shorter contracts if required

More Information

Contact our Service Desk, Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:30
Tel: +353 (0)1 6609040

SLA Data Centre Hosting

The service connects client equipment to our high speed resilient IP network, meeting all environmental, power and connectivity needs.  And our knowledgeable and dedicated team provide excellent customer service and support, thus reducing troubleshooting time and maximising operational efficiency:

  • Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) – with the choice of hot or cold standby
  • Server Hosting
  • Projects (short and/or long-term) for single or between multiple institutions

To save clients having to visit our Data Centres, we have options that allow clients to access their equipment remotely:

  • remotely accessible console (Keyboard, mouse & video) for ‘out of band’ management
  • remotely accessible Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to allow clients to power cycle equipment, and
  • when physical intervention is needed, a remote ‘hands and eyes’ service is provided.

If on-site intervention is still required, we can arrange out-of-hours access to our Data Centres.

  • Our standard (3.5kW) Data Centre Hosting – is charged annually in advance, to facilitate budget planning. This price includes power and cooling
  • A full 3.5kW cabinet in Citywest or Parkwest is €12,000 p.a. (ex VAT). Pro-rata rates for 1⁄4, 1⁄2, 3⁄4 allocations are also available
  • Our high-powered (10kW) Data Centre Hosting – is charged at a fixed rate of €4,085 p. a. (ex VAT) per cabinet. Additionally, a once-off set-up fee of €1,000 applies
  • Electricity for high-powered cabinets is metered per cab and charged quarterly in arrears, based on usage.