Data Centre Hosting

HEAnet’s Data Centre Hosting services (colocation) facilitate clients who wish to install equipment in a managed data centre facility. Equipment is connected to the HEAnet National Backbone, providing up to 10Gb connectivity, and is served by an excellent suite of environmental, power and management services.

We offer standard Data Centre Hosting in two locations, Blanchardstown and Parkwest, for Clients who wish to avail of Disaster Recovery for the Service/Equipment.

In addition to regular IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, clients may also make use of the HEAnet National Backbone Extension with point-to-point Ethernet circuits for LAN Extensions between their own network and equipment hosted in the data centre.

Infrastructure Hosting (Co-location)

This is the physical hosting of your equipment in HEAnet’s Data Centre. We provide the power, cooling, Keyboard Video and Mouse (KVM) access (local and remote), remote PSU power cycling and remote hands and eyes for anything else.

  • Allotments of ¼, ½ ¾ or full cabinets available
  • 3.5kW power allocation per full cabinet (pro-rata)
  • 1Gb Ethernet connectivity as standard. Multiple Gigabit (channel-bonded up to 10Gb) Ethernet connectivity possible.

Annual charge for full cabinet is currently €12,000 plus €1,000 set-up charge. There may be an additional charge for regular hands-and-eyes requests.

Operating System Hosting

Adding on to the Infrastructure Hosting package, HEAnet will procure server(s) for your needs. These may be stored in one or both of our Data Centres if Disaster Recovery is required for the server. We will rack, install the Ubuntu LTS operating system, set up monitoring and manage any OS upgrades required.

The Customer is responsible for managing and securing any other application installed on the server(s).

Please contact for more specific pricing.

High Power Data Centre Hosting (WIT)

Our Data Centre Hosting service offering in Blanchardstown and Parkwest provides up to 3.5kW per cabinet. Our new High Powered Hosting service offers cabinets with a power rating between 10 – 20kW per cabinet.

Clients will have an annual charge per cabinet and will be invoiced quarterly in arrears for the power used.

The data centre will be managed in the same way as our current Data Centre Hosting facilities in Blanchardstown and Parkwest, where 90% of the time issues with equipment can be resolved via our remote KVM (Keyboard, Video & Mouse) facility and remote Power Distribution Units (PDUs ) to toggle servers on and off.

We also have an agreement in place with local staff to perform “hands and eyes” requests, like checking that a power cord or network cables haven’t come loose, checking alarms, and reseating disks; all of which can all be arranged through HEAnet’s NOC.

Service Restrictions

The main restriction will be that the facility will not have 24-hour access, but has 7am-7pm access, with emergency access available outside of those hours when necessary.

Our current High Powered Data Centre hosting is at full capacity, but if you have a requirement for this type of hosting please contact as we will have additional capacity available soon.