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Hot Standby is HEAnet’s website failover service. The service provides peace of mind to clients – if their website goes offline, Hot Standby can step in and provide a display in the websites place:

  • Hot Standby can be used for anything from small client websites to major institution home pages.
  • The service has been specifically engineered by HEAnet for rapid and reliable failover intervention

We offer a number of different options for clients with regards to the display.

Down Time Message This is the simplest option – HEAnet provide a message to let website users know the website is currently offline and to come back later and try again.
Website Shell Copy Clients can display a copy of static website pages providing a shell website for users until the official website is up and running again.
Full Fail Over Functional Site HEAnet’s DNS servers will failover between Main/Standby external (client managed) web sites.


Cost:  Hot Standby is offered to HEAnet clients at no extra cost.

More Information

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