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The Edugate Resource Registry is a centralised management system for the Edugate multiparty *SAML federation.

It underpins the “circle-of-trust” between Identity Providers and Service Providers and allows Identity Provider administrators to self-manage their internal policies around publishing attributes for specific service users.

Main features:

  • Synchronise SAML metadata from another federation
  • Merge bilateral and multi-party federated trust relationships into a single web-of-trust containing metadata of all trusted partners
  • Support for MDQ (Metadata Query Protocol)
  • Create and edit metadata of individual entities

Edugate Resource Registry is powered by JAGGER  – HEAnet’s in-house software, which publishes source-code for its research & education (NREN) community.   JAGGER can also be used to manage the web-of-trust for a single SAML entity or as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a Shibboleth SAML Identity Provider. 

*SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an XML-based framework for authentication and authorisation between two entities: a Service Provider and an Identity Provider. SAML is a standard single sign-on (SSO) format.

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