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SSL website certification is a service, which ensures HEAnet clients’ websites are encrypted and have a base level of security.

The across-the-board roll-out of certification is being driven by an increased awareness of the need for encrypted channels, and the proliferation of authentication and authorisation middleware.

HEAnet’s TCS (Trusted Certificate Service) is providing server certificates valid for one year to our clients at no additional cost. These certificates are essential for the security of everything from institutional websites, to sub-sites for research groups, student societies, etc.

The server certificates can be used for institution services, including web (HTTPS), email (IMAPS), server authentication and any number of SSL or TLS based services that require trusted certificates.

This service can be expanded to additional areas of certification including document certification, allowing an institution or department to digitally sign, and thus protect, written content.

This can also be expanded to certifying programmes and developed applications, ensuring that ownership and development rights are protected.

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